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The American political system is broken. Gone are the days when the average American citizen was truly represented in government. Redistricting has created unfair political boundaries that have effectively silenced the voice of the average American in the political process. The grim reality is that our democracy has been stolen by big corporations and billionaires who have bought our politicians and made them their puppets.

If Americans are to take back their government from the political elite and the billionaires that control them, we must resolve to recover our democratic principles at the state level.


Real Democracy Fund fights to give America back to the American people. For too long have corporate billionaires and career politicians created and manipulated the laws to ensure that the minority of people control the majority of our political decisions. Real Democracy Fund seeks to hand the reins of governance back to the people through

  • Ending unfair and unethical district gerrymandering
  • Giving Democratic ideals back to individuals at the state level
  • Changing the toxic political culture of hate and selfishness in America
  • Supporting fair, democratic, and bipartisan solutions to issues that affect us all


America’s future is uncertain, but with your help, we can plan for and create the greatest nation possible. By cutting through political red tape and giving democracy back to the people, Real Democracy Fund will create a country worthy of our storied history.

The Problem

  • Redistricting has created unfair political boundaries
  • Big corporations and billionaires are buying our politicians and own our government
  • Our political system is broken and political elite run the show
  • Average Americans don’t have a voice
  • Democracy has been stolen
  • Focus on recovering democratic principles at the state level

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